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   We are the beginning of the New American Revolution. We intend to fight against and overthrow the bloated corrupt system of government we have presently and replace it with the system of government that our Founding Fathers intended.
   We intend to reclaim that freedoms and rights that have been taken from us bit by bit until we have become a nation of placated slaves subservient to the corrupt few who seek nothing more than total domination of the country (and the world) and our lives.
   We must wake up the people before it is too late; already the time may be well past. The people are in a deep slumber, surrounded by things they don’t need, valued for what they have, not who they are. They dream not of what they can become, but of what they can possess.
   We will fight against minority groups that try to force their beliefs and ideology on the sleeping majority, mistaking tolerance for acceptance. Yet, we will defend their rights to be treated as equals in society, and to think, and live, and believe as they wish.
   We defend the Will of the People, not the will of the government or the will of any small groups of individuals. The power of the government is in the hands of the people as a whole. No one individual or group of individuals either civil or governmental may place their needs and desires or beliefs above the will of the people as a whole.
   We will no longer accept having to choose between the lesser of two evils when electing government officials. It is our intent to do away with the party system and the Electoral College. America is one of the few Democratic countries where the people do not directly elect their country’s president. Every American should have the chance to put forth their name as a candidate for president without having to go door to door begging for signatures (an undue expensive process) or belong to a recognized political party. Even though we recognize that could result in hundreds of candidates, it is a simple electoral process to reduce that number to the top five or more candidates based on the number of votes received.
   We can no longer stand idly by and watch a billion dollars wasted on TV advertising and billboards while there are homeless and hungry people struggling to survive in this country. It is time to reform campaign financing and advertising so that corporations, lobbyists, gas and utility companies and any other special interest group or individuals can no longer influence the candidates or the election. Broadcasting networks and individual TV and radio stations should refuse to show any campaign advertising that does not come from a registered candidate, and if they show campaign advertising they should do so equally for all candidates and they should do so for free as a public service.
   We intend to bring down the government and their corporate allies that strangle our personal freedom to live, to do, and to be what we want as long as we don’t impinge upon the rights of others.We have been choked with their rules and regulations to the point where we are now forced to buy goods and services to satisfy those same regulations and rules. The government’s duty is to “promote the general Welfare.” It is not the government’s responsibility to provide services. But, if they do so, they cannot force us to participate in those services. Yet, our wages are garnished and taxed without our consent, and we are forced to buy corporate services and goods and penalized when we don’t comply.
   We have nothing against social services, but we would like to get what we are already paying for without the lies and endless corruption that goes with having those services. We can no longer support a government that taxes us to pay for their social services, then they turn around and force us to buy additional services and then penalize us when we use their government sponsored services. We are tired of the endless mismanagement of these services by those who we have elected to manage the affairs of We the People.
   We have grown tired of be taxed by those we have hired to represent us. How can we continue to stand by and watch our government waste the money that they have taken from us? Then when they go broke and stand upon the edge of bankruptcy they raise taxes again to pay for their poor judgement, mismanagement, and the corruption of a system that has enslaved us all and feeds upon us like cattle.
   We are the New American Revolution Freedom Fighters and we seek to overcome the corrupt government that has enslaved us. We will do it peacefully if we can, violently if we can’t.

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