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Obviously they are not going to give us non-profit status for trying to overthrow the Federal Government. However, we still need your support to maintain this and other websites and numerous other ongoing projects as well as future projects that are in some ways in direct opposition to the established order of things.

We believe it’s time for a little anarchy. It is time to stop electing professional politicians and millionaires (and billionaires) who have stretched every law and used every loophole they could find to make their money as they crawled over the backs of the average Joe struggling to keep a roof over their family’s head and food on the table.

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The Free Stuff

Show your support by displaying one or all the posters below.

Declaration Poster

Large Format  17” x  22”

Download PDF

Have people sign these posters on the front and/or back and send it to the president and state representatives (senators, congressmen, etc.).

Comes in color and black and white for printing on parchment.

Declaration Poster

11” x 17”

Download PDF

Distress Flag Poster

11’ x 8.5”

Download PDF

New American Revolution Freedom Fighters

Help Us to show our government that we will no longer stand for rules and regulations designed to repress our freedom and leave us slaves to the system

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