The Dog and Pony Show for People with Short Term Memories
by Walter Burien -

Good morning folks. Again it is the first day of the rest of our lives.

If you are in your twenties, you have many days left to go. If you are 55+ the days are getting numbered.

The crux of this article, presented the day before election day pertains to addressing issues of importance for those with short term memories. Your choice tomorrow is for President of the United States of America.

In our decisions come election day, first and foremost the following facts needs to be in the front of our mind:

Democratic Party - Republication Party, what are they?

Sounds like a simple question but actually it is not. The reason not, is we all have been spoon fed rhetoric on what they both are contrary to the reality of what both are. The true and correct answer is: They are both private associations designed from the get-go to get their people in to have access to the till of the greatest wealth of cash; resources; and tax base collected the world has ever known, derived from the collective local and federal operations of the United States of America.

Keep in mind that the contrived sound bites we are all spoon fed revolve around the organized gang from each group keeping their hands firmly gripped and implanted within the core of that wealth. With the massive wealth (cash; investment income; and taxation collected) that is involved on every level of local government and federal operations, the objectives and tactics used to sway the population for a simple "vote" have been refined by the players into a standard of psychological masterfully presented tactics that are truly by design a clear insult to the intelligence of the mass population. There is no insult intended by this writer to the mass population, we are all, everyone of us, played for any easy mark due to the massive money involved. More money on every government operation form the city level to the federal government than a million Midas's could ever have dreamed about.

More wealth generated each year where a thousand
Towers of Babel are built for the glory of the empire every year that make the original Tower of Babel look like a shanty shack of a pauper in comparison.

Did you ever hear in your lifetime one politician say: "I want your vote and to win this election so I can more easily influence where billions of dollars are spent; invested; and allocated each year". Even though this is the core reality of the situation, I personally have never once heard this form of straight honesty expressed out of the mouth of a politician running for office, before or after achieving office.

Many people dream about winning the lottery but few realize that almost all higher level political offices when obtained are for each in plain language "winning the lottery" for that individual. Not only do they achieve good salaries and pensions extraordinaire, they also have grand expense accounts much grander than their salaries and are sitting within the influence box to direct tens of billions of dollars of investment capital; resource allocations; and expenditures that will benefit many on the inside and if they choose on the outside track.

With that being said, remember when we were young children what our parents said to us for easy control? One liners to keep us under thumb and under control such as: "The bogeyman will get you if you do that" or "You do that so much better than your brother or sister so keep it up" or "if you touch that, hair will start growing on the palm of your hand". Contrived sound bites of easy design to effect our actions in the direction of our parents intent.

Well, when tens of trillions of dollars are involved each year, where they are spent, allocated, and invested, the tactics and sound bites used are as masterfully created and in most cases as void of ethics as they can get. Honesty flew out the window decades ago and tactics of "what simply works" was rammed down each and every one of our throats. Personal attacks; petty innuendos exclaimed; hollow but sincerely expressed comments of "I am here to help you". What was said did not mater in reality, it only mattered to achieve the intent of winning the government office at hand.

Reality was replaced with masterfully presented illusions designed to make us all easy marks and to control our reflex responses to maintain and further expand the agenda of the inside players for the basic and primary reason of:
Due to the Money generated and control of that wealth Involved, nothing more and nothing less.

Government and the private associations developed around government for the last century were driven by the lure of access to easy money of massive proportions. The "front" of public service has always been the first-line "bait and hook" of presentation with the core reality being that of the massive control of the wealth involved. It would be rather refreshing to hear straight talk from those running for public office qualifying the core reality clearly and up-front don't you think?

Here are a few refresher points per when the private associations of Democratic or Republican parties were controlling the house. Presented as refresher points for those with short term memories. I will start with George Bush Sr. at the end of the 80's:

Please reference the tally of US Presidents from 1980 to 2008 and the votes received -

1. George Bush Sr. (REPUBLICAN) The ex-CIA director who became president. The stage was set for covert wars for the next 30-years and do you remember those interest rate jumps to 21% - 22% kicked off in the Reagan term? What a grand play. The population was screaming at the banks but alas the core reality was held back from the population that the government was the #1 investors with the banks from the profits made. The profit made was massive for government investments and the core deception principle of government investment manipulation was firmly rooted by omission. Then along comes Bill Clinton;

Bill Clinton (Democrat) This US president was very personable (to a fault as we found out) had his misgivings and ties to some unethical ventures when it came down to money laundering and drug profits generated for back black-ops, but he did have a pretty good conscience of wanting to see the United States population in good shape and not at war. As a result of his two terms, come the year 1999, his vice president Al Gore released the results from the Audit of the Federal Government which disclosed a five to seven trillion dollar surplus projected and standing. To this writer CAFR1 this was a first. Not a first of a surplus, but a first that this degree of surplus was openly mentioned. A glimmer of open disclosure per the massive wealth being generated and amassed by federal government was the first.

The election of 2000 was the most important turning point that our country faced in a hundred years. The wealth amassing and standing nationally was at a tipping point of either being protected from a basis of ethics or looted from a basis of greed and opportunity presented. Al Gore in line with Bill Clinton had the interests of the population and the country at heart. But then due to the money involved the personal attacks; petty innuendos exclaimed; hollow but sincerely expressed comments of "I am here to help you" from the gang of Republicans went into high gear.

Come election time all the stops were pulled and every tactic was used to secure the seats of power.

Ethics has one flaw. Contrary to greed applied through opportunity, ethics will not cheat; lie; and steal. That election of 2000 was stolen and in walks George Bush Jr.;

George Bush Jr. (Republican) - Large market manipulations in general are outside the scope for cognitive thinking and comprehension of the general population. Come the end of 2001, the "planed" events of the new gang in power began to unfold.

The WTC complex was chosen as the "hook and bait" for what was to follow. Being a prior tenant of WTC1 back in 1979-80, I was very aware that the WTC Towers needed to be demolished. They were constructed using thousands of tons of asbestos foam fire insulation sprayed on the internal infrastructure (asbestos use banned after completion of the towers) and the flat surface design of the towers made them very susceptible to collapse in the event of a level 4 or 5 hurricane hitting the flat surfaces of the towers.

A demolition report in 1979 was commissioned by the then owners of the towers the Port Authority of NY and NJ and the cost for demolition the report showed would have been over seven-billion dollars with the report noted not accounting for the billions of dollars of collectively claimed damage suits filed from individuals saying they were exposed to the asbestos due to the demolition.

The Port Authority of NY and NJ took the alternative measure back in 1980 of installing a special air filtration system in the towers at a cost of over 120-million dollars that would filter out asbestos fibers as they deteriorated from the infrastructure coating. A ticking time-bomb was left standing.

George Bush "Sr." as an ex-CIA director always wanted to takeover the Middle East oil countries for obvious reasons of wealth taken and control exerted. The opportunity now presented itself with George Bush Jr. at the helm. What was needed was the all-encompassing trigger to put his plan into motion. September 11th, 2001 that trigger masterfully was pulled, played out, and put into motion.

The stage in all respects was carefully planned in advance and unfolded with the precision of a Swiss clock maker. Trillion dollar short stock index international market derivatives positions taken by the primary government institutional investment accounts months in advance; scripts provided to be read out by the syndicated media; and selected culprits to be blamed.
Osama bin Laden's name, an ex-CIA paid operative from Saudi Arabia during the Afghanistan / Russian war was mentioned as the fronted mastermind "20-minutes" into the event. The script read by the syndicated media out of the UK was a bit untimely when they reported WTC7 collapsed 10-minutes before it did. And then there was Larry Silverstein a dual American / Israeli citizen who took out the 99-year lease from the Port Authority of NY and NJ where for twenty years no one else would take a lease on that ticking time bomb. Larry Silverstein had the WTC complex insured with a double indemnity insurance policy for a terrorism attack just days before the towers went down. Some upper level Government officials say a coincidence, CAFR1 says in a Pig's eye.

Afghanistan is invaded as a staging point for the invasion of Iraq and then Iraq is invaded.

Come four-years into George Bush Jr's reign as US President it is announced by the Bush administration the Federal Government is five-trillion dollars in deficit.

So let's see if all of us are good at basic math: 1999 Al Gore announces for federal government at least a "5-trillion dollars surplus" and then after 4-years of George Bush it is announced that there is a "5-trillion dollar deficit". That seems to be a difference of 10-trillion dollars. It appears our standing government wealth was looted from a basis of greed and opportunity staged and masterfully presented to the tune of 10-trillion dollars. But most would have not caught this "basic" point back then being that we all were being masterfully entertained (Death; War; Economic collapse; etc.) in left field as the basics of the wealth transfer taking place were being suppressed in right field.

TERM 2 for George Bush Jr., the conquest of the Middle East continues; the 3rd Reich style restrictions and surveillance of the American people intensifies; local government's budgets (revenue taken from the populace) explode; market manipulations in commodities intensifies; and housing market derivatives expand to over 400-trillion dollars and are used to create a massive bubble as on each transaction truck-loads of cash are walked away with. The inside players during this time period had more truck-loads of cash coming in the door than they knew what to do with as the general population's wealth as the easy mark was ripped right out of their hands. In then steps Barack Hussein Obama;

Barack Hussein Obama (Democrat) I had to watch this one closely. He was an attorney (most known as thieves) and came from Chicago, one of the most corrupt political hubs in the country. What was being thrown into his lap was the results of eight-years of the Bush gangs looting of the vault; occupation by war of two countries in the Middle East; the grand market manipulations at the end of 2008 that liberated the world community of over 35-trillion dollars; and a sentiment generated by the Bush gang with the world community per the aggressions shown from the US in end result by staged plans of aggression reminiscent of the 3rd Reich. In a way at the start I felt Barack Hussein Obama would end up being the fall guy as the results of the Bush administrations acts collapsed the economy of the country.

The teeter-totter balancing act that followed was impressive. Trillions of dollars were needed to off-set the thefts that culminated at the end of 2008. That was not an easy job to pull off without having the entire house of cards collapsing. In end result it was pulled off over the following four-years and an even keel is somewhat coming back into play. The results of the looting of the American population and world community was put into play long before he took office as US President and in fact was culminating and coming to a head when he took office.

The quagmire of the situation in Afghanistan and Iraq was in place and in all reality could not be abandoned without severe consequences. What was done though in an expansionist aspect was the neutralization of other countries in the region through covert ops without invasion through triggering revolutions in Egypt; then Libya; and in the works with Syria.

Iran is the most formidable target for conquest in the region. It also is striving to be a good and peaceful country. There is no justification for an invasion of Iran. CIA ops though have pumped in hundreds of millions of dollars in their attempt to destabilize the country. The propaganda being spoon fed the US Population is "IRAN wants to go nuclear". Yes, nuclear to generate cheap electrical power and not nuclear weapons of which countries like Israel are sitting on over 300 of.

The story line of Iran wanting nuclear weapons produced by their electrical production was clearly established as false shortly after the US promoted that story line. France offered to run Iran's nuclear power plants without objection from Iran but the US Said it didn't matter. The story-line of a "threat" continued to be promoted. The US itself could offer to run Iran's electrical nuclear plant facilities, but no, if done there goes the sound bite intended "threat" for use with the US and world population.

I am a strong believer that Barack Hussein Obama does not want to wage a war of aggression with Iran. CIA covert ops designed to wedge a stronger hand in the region, that is a given in the past, present, and future.

There can not be further looting and wars of aggression allowed. Being masterfully entertained with contrived plays that create fortunes for the orchestrator's can and most probably will lead to WWIII.

Ignorance is not bliss in this arena, it is a fatal flaw. Per Iran, let us all push for assignment of a party we trust to run Iran's nuclear facilities. Iran does not object to this. No more excuses promoted or allowed for any further wars of aggression. Evil begets evil, good cooperation begets friends and a peaceful world.

Tomorrow is election day for President of the United States of America. I say the following after deep consideration for the conscience of choice. I will tell you up front I do not like the title of attorney attached to any US President or politician running for public office. Being that Barack Hussein Obama carries that title I have watched him closely and with a discerning eye. Two months ago I called a few friends and told them to write down a number. That number being 63. After they did I said: "Outside of the promoted neck to neck race, that will be the percentage number Barack Hussein Obama will win the electoral for President of the United States by." To be more exact I noted 61% to 62.8%

With all things being considered, and the choices made available, that is my choice. The other choice could destabilize the economic balance, reinstate the looting; and I am afraid would guarantee in less than 2-years the trigger being pulled that will lead to the culmination of WWIII, an application of evil that is unthinkable and a travesty that could be in most probability fatal for one-and-all.

This communication is sent FYI from,

Walter Burien -

------FOOTER NOTE---------

Per understanding CAFRs [ Google CAFR ], people have been intentionally kept in the dark so long they forget the basics: 1. A "Budget Report" is a selective funding of x accounts from x resources (set up to be primarily funded with taxation and it is for "the year") 2. An "Annual Financial Report" is the showing of "all" income: Investment; taxation; and Enterprise, plus the "accumulated wealth over decades. Budgets are for the year, an AFR is for it all since creation of the entity. There is a big difference between the two. A correct analogy would be: The budget to operate your house vs. your statement of net worth.

The public has been played with the biggest shell game of selective presentation there is allowing for massive fortunes to be made by the inside players over the last several decades.. Every investment fund large and small is a power base. Where that money is invested determines what country; company; real-estate venture, etc., is made or broken. Thus in line with that, never a mention of the 184,000 AFRs of the corresponding local governments..nor the many thousands of specialty investment funds they contain.


I note gov pension funds facilitate the same. Paying employee benefits from the return on the funds is an after thought for the government players. The head communists back in the 30's and 40's said they could take over America without firming a shot. The undercurrents of that statement were that they could depend on the greed and opportunity of the players to accomplish that goal and it did. US Collective government since 2000 brings in more gross income than the entire gross income of the population of the United States. Taxation is rammed down the public's throat (1/3rd of the gross income) and Investment / Enterprise income (2/3rd of the gross income) the "silence is golden" rule is strictly enforced with the full symbiotic cooperation of the syndicated media; controlled education; and both political parties as applies over the last century.

NOTE: Up until 1999 the CAFR showed the "gross" standing balances of income and investment fund balances. Then with onset of disclosure by CAFR1 and the public now looking for the first time (a 100% private association) who oversees the accounting guidelines of the CAFR, changes were made starting with transmittal letter-31 (up to 90 now) changing the showing in the CAFR from that of gross balances to a showing of "net" balances. Many games are played there so it is very important now to look through the "notes to the financial section" to spot or be directed to many of the specialty advance liability actual fund balances.

Government was NOT supposed to operate at a profit.
How did they get around this restriction? ANSWER: If for example a city had a 100-million dollar profit for the year from any of its operations, at a stroke of a pen they create a "liability fund" and poof, there goes the profit re-designated now as a liability.

A personal example would be:
If you and I ran a business for the last twenty years and we now had 1-billion dollars clear. We decide we are going to retire in five-years and want to buy an island in the Bahamas for 700-million dollars. So we create an advance liability fund, move 700-million dollars into it and now our "net" balance on our books is 300-million dollars. Now if with drafted a "Budget" for our business operations (projection of expenses for the upcoming year) of say 325-million dollars, that budget would show us to be 25-million dollars in the red. If we now actually spent 200-million for the upcoming year, gee, we now have 125-million we can move into our "buy an island liability fund in the Bahamas" zero out our profit, have the ability to buy a bigger island now with 825-million in our fund, and start the process all over again for next year.

Now catch this point: On our accounting of the "buy an island fund', our liability if we left the price at 700-million and the fund balance was 825-million, the "net" balance of the fund is now 125-million dollars. (700-million of the funds balance is a liability to pay). If we modified the liability to 825-million then our "net" fund balance is zero. 825 - 825 = 0

One other tactic we could use as a mask of our true funds held would be to take the 825-million, deposit it with some financial institution domestic or international and arrange a loan or investment from that same financial institution of 825-million using our own capital through that financial institution to give the impression the 825-million was 100% a debt for repayment to whatever X financial institution we were using in that shell game of appearance. AGAIN why it is important to carefully look at the notes to the financial section of the CAFR.